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Sewer Services

For over 13 years, Trapmasters Plumbing has been cleaning, repairing, and installing sewers all over Northwest Indiana. Our team of experienced plumbers are quick and efficient at meeting your sewer needs. A few signs that might indicate you're in need of a sewer repair or new system would be: 

  • Water coming up in basement floor drains

  • Drains located in home not properly draining

  • Very slow drain time

  • Sewage coming up in yard

  • Sewer cleaning not clearing sewer

  • Soft spots in yard where sewer is buried

  • Camera evidence exposing colllapsed clay tile, severe root growth in pipes

new sewer.jpg

What to do when your sewer is showing signs of backing up:

  • Reduce amount of water usage immediately

  • Call Trapmasters to get scheduled right away 219-926-2400

Did you know?

Continuous use of liquid drain cleaner not only eats away at the build up, but also your pipes over time causing them to deteriorate.

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